Pollution and its effect on Climate

Pollution and its effect on Climate Photo

Air pollution and Climate are interlinked entities. If one of them changes its sure to affect the other. Researchers and scientist with the help of high-level techniques and instruments were able to get a clear picture of the aerosols which are the causative agents of pollution when present in the atmosphere. The main source of air pollution is induced by burning of fossil fuels especially emission of carbon dioxide and it not only adds to pollution but also brings about changes in the climate. Additionally, lot of air pollutants that are harmful for human beings and ecosystems also accord to climate change. These air pollutants are so-called short-lived climate-forcing pollutants (SLCPs) include black carbon, methane, sulphate aerosols and ground-level ozone. Among these black carbon and methane to be specific have significant impacts on the climate leading to global warming. Pollution should be controlled to best possible way by every individual and the Climate Change 2019 aims at coming up with new prevention strategies and solution models to fight against pollution kindling climate change.

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