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The study of previous or past climate changes which took place over a large timespan from the early history of the emergence of the earth is known as Paleoclimatology. For this study researchers use previous evidences known as proxies to understand about the past climate. Proxies are environmental proofs like tree rings, diatoms, coral reefs, sediments, ice cores, rocks, glaciers and, ice caps which gives us the details as to how the transformation in climate took place. They also help us in getting an idea regarding the past climate and envisaging the future climate. The importance of Paleoclimatology is that it gives a picture of how climate has been changing from the past and how the formation of present climate took place. The data from the paleoclimate study gives information regarding how plant and animal kingdom responded and adapted to the changes in the climate. The study also tells us that the process of climate change is a continuous phenomenon. Climate Change 2019 will give us an insight into the past, present and future climate of the world. 

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