Measures to prevent Climate Change

Measures to prevent Climate Change Photo

Solutions to climate change are challenging but also achievable to some extent. The first and foremost thing to do is to reduce the use of fossil fuels thereby reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emission in the atmosphere. Transport system accounts for the second major cause of greenhouse gas emission which, needs to be improved and this can be achieved by switching to cycling or walking, cutting down usage of airplane flights, using trains for short to medium distance journey and replacing petrol run vehicles by hybrid or electric vehicles. Another most important cause is deforestation like cutting down and destroying large areas of world’s rainforest which store large amount of carbon so by avoiding cutting down of trees and using better agricultural practices, proper forest management methods, paper recycling would eliminate the massive bulk of emission. The World is at a dangerous stage owing to climate change and the Climate Change 2019 will be a wake up call for all the people encouraging them to put forward good efforts, solutions in preventing our Mother Earth from Climatic changes.

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