Climate Change and Wildlife

Climate Change and Wildlife Photo

For the last few decades, nature environmentalists and nature scientists both have been observing distinct variations in the condition and distribution of wildlife around the globe. Climate change has a disastrous impact on the wildlife. The species are adapted to a certain environment around them and any changes in the climate whether it is temperature increase, changes in rainfall pattern, storms has a direct effect in the animal species physiology and reproduction cycle consequently bringing in change in their life cycle. Change in climate also alters their food habits, supply of food may decrease, and shelter may be destroyed affecting them in all aspects. All of the above reasons lead to decline in number of animal species all over the world. Top taxonomic groups are at a verge of extinction. Amphibians species having a very low level of tolerance to climate change and would perish at the earliest if this climate change lingers. Climate Change 2019 will be an awareness talk and take session discussing about how to save wildlife as they serve human needs and it is high time that we put forward our helping hand to them.

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