Climate Change and Migration

Climate Change and Migration Photo

Previously people were compelled to leave their homes and migrate to some other places due to civil wars, poverty, hunger, or any kind of political instability but now the increasing levels of sea rise, hurricanes, droughts, floods, storms and any other kind of extreme weather conditions is forcing people to migrate, and the rate of migration is expected to grow furthermore. As climate changes have adverse consequences like shortage of food, water, shelter creating health hazards this in turn is engenders to such extensive migration and movement globally. The Paris Climate Change Agreement put forward the need to protect the endangered population, and in establishing advanced strategies which would minimize, and address movements related to climatic changes. There are no certain estimates of climate change induced migration, but forecasts varies from 25 million to 1 billion migrants by 2050.This Climate Change 2019 will be analyzing and discussing over the consequences due to migration and solutions for the same. 

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