Climate Change and Impact on Marine World

Climate Change and Impact on Marine World Photo

Result of climate change in marine environment is unfavorable for marine organisms and it is disrupting their normal life style, and this is prevalent starting from the tropical region to both the poles. Sea levels are increasing at a faster rate with about 8 inches higher than past century. Climate change raises the sea level in two ways: As the water becomes warm it expands and second reason is glaciers and ice caps are melting adding to the water level. This rise in water levels has a direct impact on the coastal animals, species and the ones residing near the low -lying areas. The species affected by climate change includes fishes, polar bears, walruses, penguins, sea lions and different species of seabirds. The oceans are increasingly becoming acidic due to large amount of carbon dioxide released by human activities. This increase in the level of carbon dioxide makes fishes and other marine organisms’ difficulty in their breathing. Birds are changing their migration routes because of climate change. Food shortages are killing seabirds and their habitat is threatened to a large extent. Climate Change 2019 will talk about the problems encountered by the marine world and how we as humans can contribute to make the impact of the climate change less severe for them.

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