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Energies generated from solar, wind, water and waves are clean and add minute or no amount of greenhouse gases and hence are termed as clean energy also called renewable energy as they can be used again and again. Climate change and global warming along with emission of humongous amount of greenhouse gases and increase in oil prices are all directing more towards the use of renewable energy.

Wind Energy: Wind energy can be used for production of electricity. Wind mills and wind turbines are built to harness energy of the wind to make electricity. Preferred location for wind farms is areas with stronger wind flow or at high altitude places.

Solar Energy: Energy from the sun has many applications. It’s beneficial for both humans and plants. For plants they convert solar energy to chemical energy by the process of photosynthesis and in case of humans, sun’s energy striking on solar panels gets the energy converted with generation of electricity. Another use of solar energy is its use as solar cooker. Instead of conventional method, solar cooking uses sunlight for cooking and its cheap and environment friendly.

Hydropower: Flowing rivers or streams, waves and tides helps in production of mechanical energy. This is used for electricity generation and accounts for single renewable energy source for electricity generation in the United States and the largest contributor among all the renewable energy sources and accounts for 6.7% of worldwide electricity production.

Renewable energy being cheap and more efficient its use is increasing day by day and if properly used then it may give us a hope of having a world free of greenhouse gas. This Climate Change 2019 will give us new techniques, ideas as to how utilize these renewable energies more efficiently.

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