Pollution and its Effects on Climate

Climate change is the outcome of unchecked pollution. When carbon emissions caused by human activity enter the air they affect the earth, the economy, and our prosperity. However, generally as people cause it, we can stop its progress. The biggest wellspring of this pollution is the smoldering of fossil energizes, (for example, coal and oil) for vitality. Earth's climate has developed to hold adequate warmth from the sun to energize a sound, dynamic biological community, while protecting us from its harsher impacts. The introduction of huge amounts of abundance pollutants thickens this cover of defensive gasses, causing heat to remain trapped within, instead of innocuously getting away skywards. As the world warms, there are stream on impacts that can exacerbate the situation. For example, warmer water melts polar ice tops every late spring. We need to switch to clean, renewable sources of energy, and end our dependence on wasteful fossil fills and energy habits. Renewable energy is accessible. It is preferable for nature and useful for our economy
  • Climate oscillations
  • Isoprene depleting ozone
  • Consequences of aerosols on Earth's atmosphere
  • Sulfur dioxide causing acid rains
  • Forest fire smoke changing the properties of clouds
  • Increasing carbon footprint
  • Impact of GHGs on climate
  • Weather of all kinds getting more extreme
  • Degraded air quality

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