Climate Change and Migration

The number of climatic migrants is expected to reach 200 million by 2050, according to reports from most experts (IPCC, IOM, Stern Report, etc.). These continuous changes will have serious consequences for different regions of the globe. People escape where livelihoods depend on the availability of critical resources for subsistence, and plus there is  unawareness of suitable strategy for managing and adaptation to drought, floods and other extreme events. However,  environmental factors should  jointly be regarded with economical and social factors in the model of migranting decision . The complex relation between migration, climate change and environmental degradation, under socio-economic development, governance and sustainability highlights, could be elucidated through social surveys, participant observation experiences and data correlation analysis in origin and transit countries of migration, with a special focus on who unevenly are suffering the climatic impacts for reason of gender or poverty. Understanding the root causes of migration can bring about greater international policy coherence and effectiveness in the field of migration management and relations with third countries which are origins of migration flow.

  • Climate change impacts on critical resources for subsistence in origin countries of migration
  • Climate change impacts on socio-economic stability in origin areas of displaced population
  • Experiences in environmental Migration
  • Correlation between climate change phenomena and migration movement
  • Methods, models and frameworks on climate change induced migration
  • Extreme events (droughts, floods, heat wave, etc.) as a trigger of migration
  • Uneven climate change impacts on livelihood of gender and poorest people
  • Adaptation and resilience
  • Multidisciplinary and transnational transfer and cooperation
  • International legal frameworks and human rights in environmental migration

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