Climate Change and Climatology

Climate Change and Climatology Photo

Climatology, the study of atmosphere and its connection to plant and creature life, is vital in numerous fields, including agribusiness, avionics, pharmaceutical, natural science, zoology, topography, and geology. Changes in atmosphere influence, for instance, the plant and creature life of a given region. The nearness of coal beds in North America and Europe alongside proof of glaciation in these same territories demonstrates that they probably experienced on the other hand hotter and colder atmospheres than they now have. In spite of yearly variances of climatic components, there has been, obviously, minimal general change amid the time of written history. Various climatic cycles have been guaranteed to exist, including a 11-year cycle identified with sunspot movement. There is as of now much worry that human exercises are changing the world's atmosphere in hurtful ways

  • Paleoclimatology
  • Coastal geography
  • Landscape ecology
  • Ocean surface topography
  • Global temperature
  • Western hemisphere warm pool
  • Climate and weather statistics
  • Greenhouse effect
  • Climate change and agriculture
  • Biogeochemical cycles

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